Rental Rates

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Job Time Concrete Pumping Travel Permit Fee
46M Pump $205/hr $3.00/cy $75/hr $200/ea
38M Pump $165/hr $2.75/cy $75/hr No Fee
28M Pump $145/hr $2.50/cy $70/hr No Fee
Telebelt (110′) $155/hr $2.50/cy $1.25/ton $70/hr No Fee
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Additional Charges:

  • A $200 permit fee will be assessed unless a state job ID $# is provided.
  • Total time over 8 Hours – Add $25/hr
  • Additional Pump Line, Truck and Labor available upon request.
  • Slick Pack can be added for $20/bag

Customers Must Supply:

  • A pumpable mix
  • Labor to set-up and break down pump line, and assist the operator with clean up.
  • A suitable location, on site, to wash out concrete residue. Disposal by others.